Kate's Story
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Simply Kate began as just a hometown girl dreaming of one day opening a store front. Little did she know that one days her BIG dreams would soon become her reality. Kate opened her store at the age of 19; fulfilling her passion for retail and determination to make her boutique stand out from all the rest. With trust in the Lord and lots of determination, Simply Kate opened in September 2014.
Simply Kate offers not only a wide variety of jewelry, but also a huge selection of other products! From the trendiest of tops to the basic bottoms, we offer women many choices to fit their perfect style. Flattering dresses and fun skirts are sure to catch your eye! And of course our popular super soft graphic tees are a MUST HAVE here at Simply Kate. Flip flops and sandals, booties and wedges, we're sure to add to your shoe addiction!
But we are so much more than just fashion. We carry a great selection of accessories, gifts, and much more!
Located in the heart of downtown Rockwall and now expanding to online, let us help you find your perfect style that's simply YOU!